EFRS Summit

You herewith receive the draft agenda for the EFRS Summit and the 16th EFRS AGM on the 27th and 28th of October in Dubrovnik.

The event will be held in the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel, and the Summit and AGM attendees will benefit from a special rate for accomodation.

For questions about the accommodation please contact us at admin@efrs.eu.

The EFRS Executive Board kindly invites you to:

A. send any items you would like to add to the AGM agenda for discussion in the General Assembly to info@efrs.eu

B. send any comments on the updoaded documents to info@efrs.eu

The registration system will open in the upcoming days and we kindly remind you can register two representatives to attend the meeting and an unlimited number of guests to participate in the social event on the Friday evening.

To facilitate our catering and other planning we kindly ask you to register as soon as possible.

To register you have to login to the member area of www.efrs.eu and to go to the AGM item on the Events page.

In the coming weeks the documents related to the agenda items will be gradually uploaded to the "2023 EFRS AGM+SUMMIT (Dubrovnik)" web site folder.

Best regards,
Altino Cunha, MSc.





Dubrovnik, Croatia



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